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15 juin 2009 @ 16:22
Right, this community has been quite dead for a while, so I'm seriously thinking of ways to bring it back to life. We're terrible maintainers, etc., etc. Just been so swamped with work, so I hope to bring things around.

And that b'day post - I must be completely on drugs that time since his birthday is clearly 11 days from now.

Anyways, our boy is currently enjoying some fun in the sun in Miami with fellow French international/former Marseille teammate, Djibril Cisse and spouse, and his girlfriend we all know and love to hate - Tatiana Golovin.

Since it's the off-season, it's safe to say there won't be much updates until our boys come back to pre-season training. Exception in light for Samir's b'day soon - this time, I'm asking for real. Anyone who has any ideas to celebrate his turning 22, shout it out! 

Until next time, enjoy your summer, girls!

PS. Also, is anyone as glad as I am that the Portuguese Grease is out of the PL? Cheers. ♥
PSS. It's me, dieuepargne . I changed my journal. :)
08 novembre 2008 @ 19:26
30 septembre 2008 @ 19:41
Arsenal Vs. Porto - Lineup

Manuel Almunia
Bacary Sagna
Kolo Toure
William Gallas
Gael Clichy
Samir Nasri
Cesc Fabregas
Theo Walcott
Emmanuel Adebayor
Robin Van Persie


Lukasz Fabianski
Carlos Vela
Aaron Ramsey
Mikael Silvestre
Johan Djourou
Nicklas Bendtner
Emmanuel Eboue


Samir's back, girls! :D

eta: Remember Samir becoming player of the month? Well, here's the presentation just right before The Hull Disaster:

21 septembre 2008 @ 07:01
Good morning, girls.

Good win yesterday and now we're top of the league - let's hope it stays that way from now on. And cross your fingers Samir will get in some of this action soon. I'm hungover with a bitch of a headache and I've just realised the sun is up. Surely a little Nasri loving at this time can't do much more damage:

13 septembre 2008 @ 19:11

I probably need to stop posting. I'm beginning to feel like this is my own journal or something. I'm a postwhore like that. But anyways, 23 Samir icons to brighten your day up.

Credit if taking, it's just courtesy. And remember that textless ones are not bases.



Icons here.
10 septembre 2008 @ 11:49

Right. We're gonna have to step it up and get this community a lot more active and make this place a friendly hangout where we can talk all we want about our favourite Marseillais. For a little 'icebreaker' if you will. Let's share how Samir has affected our lives. And I'm not saying this in a sentimental, 'omg he's totally changed me' kind of thing - because let's face it, we're obsessed, not delusional.

Come share your thoughts on Samir, pictures of wherever he is located in your room, your agendas, or whatever, just proven fact that OMG HE'S TAKEN OVER YOUR LIFE! ...um, no. Maybe not. Maybe you've made room in your heart for him, let's leave it at that. I think it'd be nice for us to share what exactly is so appealing about Samir and what made you fell oh so hard for le petit prince à Arsenal.


See here.Réduire )

So! Now it's your turn to do your part. Share how exactly Samir Nasri has blended into your daily life and why you've fallen hard for him. You don't need to feel the need to post pictures like me - words are also equally appreciated. ;)

Until next time!
06 septembre 2008 @ 22:21
France is being ridiculous. Tired of the game so I've decided to turn off the tv and get to some more serious things. Serious things, like the last seconds of this video:

And why, hello! I'm one of your friendly mods, I may not talk a lot or post a lot on here. (This is my first, mind you.) But I am active, just background stuff mostly. So do say hello, if I don't know you. :)

04 septembre 2008 @ 02:04
First of all, I'd like to say that all credits belong to Arsenal Magazine.

Finally, I'd like to say enjoy the interview!

Oh yeah, it's also cross posted to gunnergirls.

Click for the original size!Réduire )